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Improve your property in Pontrilas with a high quality composite door. Each product offers a whole host of practical benefits including durability, security and energy efficiency. As well as this, the doors reduce how much sound can get in, and are incredibly insulating from the unpredictable British weather. For high performance, choose our superb composite doors.

We working with industry leading suppliers Solidor, who offer some of the most durable, renowned doors in the industry. As a result, we are able to offer 23 stunning colours, for both inside and outside. As well as this, we have a wide choice of hardware accessories for the perfect finishing touch. We also have a selection of knockers, letterboxes and glazing designs.

Featuring a 48mm solid core, composite doors excel in their durability. This means that they will better protect your home from strong winds and rain, stopping damage. This also keeps unwanted intruders away. The structural integrity means the door will stand the test of time, so you will be making a worthwhile investment.

If you are inspired by our beautiful composite doors, then start your project today. You can choose your preferred design and select your ideal colours. You can decide on the hardware to perfectly suit your home in Pontrilas. You can then receive an estimated quote on your next home improvement. Choose Advance Building Plastics Commercial today!

Key Features


When it comes to home security, our composite doors excel. Each door is fitted with robust multi-point locking systems which have been tested on their security. As a result, your Pontrilas home will remain protected from potential break-ins. Thanks to the incredibly durable solid timber core, you won’t have to worry about forced entry. The doors are extremely difficult to break down, meaning they can keep your home, family and possession safe for years.

Thermal Performance

Composite doors are designed from a combination of timber, uPVC, glass-reinforced plastic and insulating foam. These high-quality materials work to keep cold draughts from seeping in, and maintaining the perfect temperature inside. You can stay cosy and comfortable in your property with our super insulating doors. In addition, you can significantly save money on your energy bills and help to save the planet in the long term.


We give our customers creative freedom when it comes to our beautiful composite doors. We have a wide selection of designs, from modern to more traditional-style. You can choose windows to let light stream inside. These can be glazed with one of our ornate patterns, adding a unique touch to the door. You can also choose the hardware accessories including silver and gold handles in a variety of styles. Our made to measure doors are a must for your home!


With the superb materials in place, our composite doors will offer longevity. They won’t warp, rot or distort over time, even when exposed to the elements. Each door is lined with durable weatherseals, preventing draughts or water ingress. As well as this, the high quality colours are finished with a resilient coating. This won’t crack or discolour, meaning the doors won’t need repainting over time.

  • Thermally efficient design that will save you money
  • Intense security features come as standard
  • A unique 48mm solid timber core
  • Beautiful and bespoke composite door designs
  • Ideal for homeowners and commercial customers
  • Eco-friendly and good for the environment
  • A wide range of accessories including handles and letterboxes
  • Chamfered or sculptured frames

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Composite Doors Prices Pontrilas

Enhance your property in Pontrilas with a durable composite door. Our doors are entirely bespoke, giving you the chance to design a door you will be proud of. Choose the layout, glass panels, handles and finishes to suit either traditional or contemporary properties.

Using our free online quoting tool below to design your composite door. This is quick and easy to use, giving you a price in minutes. Simply choose your desired look and you’ll receive an estimated quote. It’s really that simple! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these fantastic products. We supply and install composite doors in Pontrilas and throughout the UK. Give us a call on 01981 241071.

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