Timber Conservatories Cheltenham

Timber conservatories are among some of the most unique house extension options available on the market today. Distinguished by a dwarf brick wall and large areas of glazing, they offer Cheltenham homeowners a year-round space which feels bright and airy. Visually, these extensions are stunning, thanks to the rustic blend of brickwork with a high quality timber framework.

Our range is the perfect update on classic conservatory designs. Enjoy a range of practical benefits, which can be enjoyed for decades to come. Stay warm and comfortable all year round with our robust double glazing, which is integrated to keep the conservatory at the optimum temperature. Enjoy acoustic insulation and bright new space with our bespoke range of conservatories.

The welcoming new space delivers superior levels of weather performance, no matter what the temperature outside is. During the most adverse environmental conditions, the profile will work to minimise water ingress. Additionally, the double glazing and framework will keep out unwanted draughts, ensuring your conservatory is comfortable all year round.

You have control over how your new conservatory looks and performs. We offer a huge range of customisation options, giving you total freedom of the creative process. With a range of windows, doors and roofing options, you can customise our conservatories to your Cheltenham home. We also offer a selection of colours, finishes and hardware accessories. Get a truly bespoke conservatory by getting in touch with us today.

Key Features

Complete Customisation

As a homeowner, you have total freedom as we offer a range of customisation options. The end product will be totally tailored to your requirements and personal taste. In addition to choosing the styles and dimensions, you can choose exactly the shades you want for your product. Enjoy conservatories that seamlessly connect with the rest of your Cheltenham home. Get unrivalled aesthetics without compromising on the practicality of the home.

Thermally Efficient

Our conservatories deliver outstanding thermal efficiency as standard. Unlike the old uPVC conservatories from days of the past, our products do a fantastic job of retaining heat during the winter months, rather than letting it escape without resistance. This makes it much easier to warm the extension through the colder periods of the year. You can get year round comfort and you could lower your heating bills, thanks to the insulating materials and durable double glazing.

Long Lasting

When making such a significant home improvement to your home in Cheltenham, or around the UK, you want to ensure you’re investing in something which is high quality and built to last. Our conservatories are made to withstand the test of time, thanks to durable timber and innovative weatherproof features. Make the reassuring choice today that your new installation will keep your home safer for longer.

Low Maintenance

Our timber conservatories require very little maintenance, assuming they are looked after correctly. The right maintenance will ensure long lasting durability, promising years upon years of enjoyment from our conservatories. This makes them a significant upgrade to old timber conservatories. A high quality roofline ensures a consistent flow of water and waste away from the building, while the finishing treatment lasts longer, thanks to innovative fade proof technology.

Timber Windows Joinery Services
  • Full fitting available
  • Commercial & residential supply and fit
  • Technical drawings on request
  • Traditional joinery methods used every time
  • Only sustainable timber used, including chestnut, maple & oak
  • Planning services available
  • Made to measure and built bespoke
  • Oil and painted finishes available

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Timber Conservatories Prices Cheltenham

Get in touch with our team today if you’re interested in getting a bespoke price on our range of timber conservatories today. We’ll arrange an appointment to discuss your Cheltenham project further, whether you’re a commercial or residential customer.

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