Impressive and Bespoke Conservatories

As a company, we take pride in providing bespoke and innovative conservatories in Hereford. These installations are ideal for expanding the space in your home without having to fork out the expenses for a traditional house extension. We understand that it can be incredibly stressful to update your home; that is why we work closely with you.

With innovative and creative frames from Emplas, we can create bespoke designs that are ideal for your property or business. Perhaps you own a café or restaurant and are wishing to expand how many people your structure can seat. With our conservatories would be perfect in creating a bright and inviting space that is flooded with natural light.

As a homeowner in Herefordshire, you can benefit from changing the floor plan of your property. Whether you need extra space for a playroom, a home office or simply a new living space to relax and unwind in, our conservatories are ideal for this. Choose from several different styles or a unique and tailored design!

Through having one of our conservatories fitted you will be inviting the outside in. Feeling more connected to nature is proven to lift moods and improve overall mental health. So why delay, craft yourself a warmer and brighter Hereford home or business. To find out more information, get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions about our conservatory extension.

Key Features

Thermally Efficient

With any conservatories design from us, thermal performance is one of the things we consider. There's no use for a conservatory that only looks beautiful but does nothing to hold back the elements. With our bespoke installations, you will no longer have to worry about them feeling like a greenhouse during the summer and being unbearably cold during the winter.

Bespoke Designs

We carefully sourced the frames we use from Emplas. However, the rest of our conservatories are completely tailored to you. This is so that we can create and craft a unique space that perfectly complements your home. These installations will flow seamlessly between the original structure and the double glazed extension.


Our conservatories are great for several purposes. This is because it can be used all year round due to the fantastic energy efficiency and weatherproofing qualities. By extending your Hereford home, you could create a bright office that will be inviting and relaxing. These installations could also be used as a playroom for your children or as a new living space.

Multi-Purpose Space

Although designed to resemble the timber frames of old, our timber windows are fitted with integral hardware that improves the thermal efficiency of the window. The framework has been designed to aid the overall insulation of the entire window, while double glazing will work to keep a pocket of air between you and the cold outside.

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  • Opt for completely bespoke designs that will transform your structure
  • Thermal performance will ensure it can be used all year round
  • An expertly crafted space tailored to you
  • Security is incorporated into every installation
  • A multipurpose room that can be used for whatever you want
  • A choice of conservatory roofs that we offer
  • Frames from Emplas
  • Inviting the outside into your home or business

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