Bespoke Conservatories

Transform your living space in Leominster with our fantastic conservatories. Expand your living space without the hassle of moving to a new house. Utilising your patio area, we construct the installations to your exact specifications and customisation options. By working to your specific tastes, we can create a statement room to suit your needs perfectly.

For those looking to update an underperforming conservatory, look no further. With a plethora of practical benefits, you can enjoy the space for decades. Stay warm and comfortable with our double glazing, which is integrated to keep the conservatory at the optimum temperature. Benefit from less noise disturbance and a brighter space with our superb home improvements.

The inviting space excels in weather performance, no matter what the external temperature. During the most extreme environmental conditions, the profile will work to prevent water ingress. Additionally, the double glazing and framework will keep out unwanted draughts, ensuring your conservatory offers unparalleled functionality.

The conservatories are yours to design. We have a wealth of customisation options, giving you total freedom in the creative process. With a selection of roof options, windows and doors, you can choose the overall look for your Leominster property. We also have a range of colours, finishes and hardware accessories for a truly bespoke conservatory.

Key Features

Thermal Performance

Keep your energy bills low with our home improvements. With unrivalled thermal performance, you can enjoy the conservatory during each season. The expansive double glazing works to retain heat, preventing the potential for heat loss. The dual-pane system works by trapping a pocket of warm air. This then stays circulating your Leominster home, making it a technological advancement from single pane systems. We can fit our roofs with an insulating pelmet for a warmer living space.


We take the safety of our Leominster customers very seriously here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial. Each conservatory is fitted with secure multi-point locking systems and durable materials. Keep potential intruders at bay with our robust locking, which won’t damage with force. Not only this, but the glass works to protect your home. The pane is internally glazed, meaning it cannot be physically removed from the outside. Stay safe and secure in our fantastic conservatories.


For those needing extra space, conservatories are the perfect solution. Transform the room into a dining room to entertain or simply somewhere to relax in. You could also use the space as a home office for peace and quiet. Suit your aesthetic with our bespoke conservatories. We have a range of customisation options so you can tailor the look to your style. From our selection of roofs to the unique hardware we offer, you can complement your home in Leominster perfectly.


With materials from some of the best suppliers in the industry, you can take advantage of a conservatory that’s built to last. Each component won’t warp, crack, rot or distort over time, performing at an exceptional standard. You won’t have to worry about structural damage in strong winds and rain. Regarding maintenance, simply wipe down the movable elements every so often to take advantage of our high-performance conservatories.

  • Opt for completely bespoke designs that will transform your structure
  • Thermal performance will ensure it can be used all year round
  • An expertly crafted space tailored to you
  • Security is incorporated into every installation
  • A multipurpose room that can be used for whatever you want
  • A choice of conservatory roofs that we offer
  • Frames from Emplas
  • Inviting the outside into your home or business

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