High-Performance Conservatory Roofs

If you’re thinking about extending your Pontrilas home with a conservatory or replacing your pre-existing one, then it’s critical to choose the right roofs. With ABPC, you can buy conservatory roofs separately, as well as part of a new conservatory. These can be as beneficial to your home as building an entirely new space.

That’s because conservatory roofs make the most difference to your space’s energy usage. As they come into the most contact with the sun, they are most responsible for your home’s temperature. Therefore, a new conservatory roof could transform the room into a room you can use every day.

With ABPC, you can be confident of getting a fantastic conservatory roof for your home. We’re a trusted double glazing supplier, that’s proud of our reputation in Pontrilas and the surrounding areas. As well as that, we offer friendly installations that work around your schedule.

You can have peace of mind that you’ll be making the best possible investment. We supply roofs from Ultraframe and Eurocell‘s impressive Equinox range. That way, you can improve your home’s comfort, and you could also save a lot of money on your household bills too.

Key Features

Thermally Efficient

A new conservatory roof can massively increase your Pontrilas home’s performance. With either a tiled or solid roof, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of heat transfer that occurs in your home. Heat transfer means not only how much heat is escaping your home, but how much cold air is entering it.

Natural Light Exposure

Take greater control of your home’s natural light with a solid or tiled roof. You can stop your conservatory from being too bright, while also continuing to let beautiful light in through your double glazing. You can also install a skylight in your new roof, that still gives you a stunning overhead view.


Our durable conservatory roofs can protect your Pontrilas home from bad weather. Our tiled and solid roofs are fully weatherproof, capable of withstanding strong wind and rain. Your conservatory roof will also continue to perform, as it won’t wear down under poor conditions for decades.

Low Maintenance

Our conservatory roofs are also easy to maintain. Our tiles and stable structures work together with advanced double glazing to minimise condensation. That way, you won’t have to break down dirt and leaves – they’ll slide off to ensure that your new roof doesn’t disrupt your schedule with the need for excessive upkeep.

  • Comes in a choice of colours and finishes for a truly bespoke design
  • Weatherproof and soundproof for a relaxing atmosphere inside
  • Insulated and thermally efficient so that you can stay warm
  • Able to use all year round
  • Opt for either glass, tiled or solid conservatory roofs
  • Eye-catching and beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing
  • Choose from either an Ultraframe or Eurocell system
  • Adaptable and versatile, can fit almost all conservatory styles

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Our solid conservatory roofs are a brilliant investment for your Hereford home. We work with Ultraframe to offer solid roofs through their innovative livinroof range. These roofs provide impressive thermal efficiency that will make your conservatory a more comfortable place to use.

You can install a solid roof in a wide variety of colours and finishes too, using our conservatory design tool. That way, you can make your space blend more naturally with the rest of your home. Also, when it comes time to move, a solid roof can increase your home’s property value.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Alternatively, you can fit a tiled conservatory roof that offers style and security. We work with Eurocell to provide tiled roofs that protect your home from bad weather and last for years to come. These roofs come from their unique Equinox range, which sets the bar for tiled roof performance.

Tiled roofs don’t just save you money on energy bills, but have other subtle benefits too. For example, you’ll have better acoustics in your space, while also having impressive sound insulation that makes distractions from outside a thing of the past.

Glass Conservatory Roofs

As well as installing solid roofs, you can also choose stunning double glazing for your Hereford conservatory. While you may think that a glass roof won’t insulate your home, our advanced technology keeps your space warm without compromising on style.

With a glass roof, you can have almost uninterrupted views of your outdoor space, and beautiful natural light can envelop your home. A glass roof is perfect for all kinds of occasions, including a bright space for relaxation or an open area to host guests.

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If you are intrigued by our conservatory roofs as a replacement or part of a completely new build, why not opt for one of our stunning choices? We can provide you with a bespoke quote that is tailored to your design specifications. Use our online quoting engine today!

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Installing conservatory roofs in Pontrilas has never been easier. With ABPC, you can make a brilliant investment that rewards your home instantly.

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