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When interested in modernising your Brixham home with the latest home renovations, look no further than aluminium doors. These high quality products deliver the best in thermal efficiency, home security and weatherproofing. Our aluminium doors are fitted with the latest hardware and technology, allowing them to achieve consistently high performance levels right through the year.

Despite this, aluminium home improvement products, including our range of doors, do not compromise visually. In fact, their aesthetics are often seen as being an enhancement on doors made from other materials. Because aluminium is so robust, it can be made with slimmer sightlines without affecting the rigidity. This leaves you with sleek, stylish visuals.

We offer a wide range of aluminium doors here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial. Our most popular is the aluminium bi-fold door, made using Smart’s high grade profiles. Bi-fold doors are a modern take of the traditional sliding doors, with the eaves instead folding onto each other for a neat finish. However, we also install Smart’s stunning range of aluminium entrance doors.

All our aluminium doors are available to both Hereford homeowner and commercial builds. This means if you live in Hereford or anywhere across the country, you can approach us today and we can provide you with free quotes. Our aluminium bi-folds and entrance doors are also on offer to those working on more significant housing projects, as part of our supply service to commercial builds.

Key Features

Excellent Lifespan

One the main benefits of aluminium compared to other materials is its fantastic inherent lifespan. Aluminium lasts much longer than the alternatives, often lasting for decades before showing signs of wear of tear. This means that you’re investing in a product that could realistically last a generation before needing to be replaced. This should give you total peace of mind as to the durability of your aluminium doors, as well as their overall high quality.

Unmatched Heat Retention

Aluminium is a superb natural insulator. When partnered with our stunning double glazing, your new door will provide an excellent standard of thermal efficiency as standard. However, Smart take it to the next level by thermally breaking the frame. These chambers help enhance the insulation further, allowing these doors to achieve impressively low U-values. With this, your Hereford home will feel naturally warmer during winter, perhaps allowing you to have your heating on lower.


If you aren’t a fan of the traditional look of aluminium doors, then worry not. The profiles can be finished in a range of colours and foils, including dual-colour options that allow you to choose a different shade inside and out. If you’re opting for an aluminium bi-fold, you’ll be able to configure the amount of panels the door has, as well as where the door opens. If you opt for an aluminium entrance door, you’ll be able to choose from a range of accessories, including handles and glazed side panels.

Low Maintenance

Despite such a range of practical benefits, aluminium doors require very little maintenance to look and perform their best. This means, once the installation has been completed, you won’t be spending excessive periods of time maintaining your new external doors. All that is required from the Hereford homeowner is for the moving components to be kept free of excess dust. This prevents hinges, handles and locks becoming sticky and jarring over time. A light brush with a cloth is all that is required your end.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Double or triple glazing in varying lengths
  • Dual colour options
  • Thermally broken profile
  • Domestic lift-up handles and adjustable strap
  • Square and round edge options
  • U-values as low as 1.5W/m2K
  • Document L compliant

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