Bespoke Composite Doors

We as a company, believe in delivering composite doors to our Gloucester customers, whether they be commercial or residential customers. That is why we have decided to work closely with leading brands in the industry included renowned composite doors manufacturers, Solidor. Discover their fantastic attention to detail, including their bespoke range of versatile colours, an advanced 48mm solid core, modern door furniture, and more.

Your Gloucester home will benefit from unmatched levels of thermal performance as standard. They don’t just meet the minimum standards set by UK Building Regulations, they surpass them. Our composite doors are security focuses, enhancing how safe your property is.

You won’t have to compromise on appearance to enjoy a high quality composite door. Our range of composite doors offers an aesthetic appeal, making a fantastic first impression and creating a focal point within your home.

We offer a versatile selection of 23 colours that can be selected for both the inside and outside of the profile. Get exactly the right door for your home. To learn more about our customisation options or to get advice on what would suit your home, get in touch today.

Key Features

Colour Options

If you would like to create a unique entrance to your Gloucester home, choose a shade that perfectly reflects you and the architecture of your business. You will be able to create something with us that is truly unique to you. We offer a wide range of composite doors hues – one of the largest selections available on the current market

Security Features

Our range of composite doors come with a choice of the most secure locking systems on the market. The Ultion Lock can detect that someone is trying to break in and stop the intruder from picking the lock and gaining entry. The system can even withstand being snapped twice. You can also opt to install the Lock Lock, AV3 or Avantis systems.

Thermal Performance

All our composite doors deliver superior thermal performance and thermal efficiency. This is fantastic for properties in the UK where the winters can get bitterly cold. Your Gloucester home can stay comfortable all year round without relying on central heating. This could lead to lower heating bills and help reduce you’re your carbon footprint.

Solid Timber Core

Our composite doors have a 48mm solid timber core. This is 10% thicker than competitors available on the market. Many alternatives use a foam core, which is negative for the environment. Our solid timber cores make these bespoke and visually appealing installations one of the most durable and secure doors that you can get.

  • Thermally efficient design
  • Reliable security features come as standard
  • A unique 48mm solid timber core
  • Bespoke composite door designs
  • Suitable for both homeowners and commercial customers
  • Eco-friendly and positive for the environment
  • A wide range of accessories including handles and letterboxes
  • Chamfered or sculptured frames

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We take pride in offering our Gloucester customers with premium products and outstanding customer service. We are on hand throughout the entire process of getting your composite doors installed into your home! To learn more about how we can help you and your home, please drop us a message. This will be done by filling out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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