High-Quality Double Glazing Brixham

Transform the way your Brixham home performs and looks by using made to measure double glazing products. Designed to deliver long-lasting quality and add exceptional value to your home. The double glazing is multi-functional, offer Brixham homeowners a wealth of benefits.

We know how important security is to a homeowner, that is why our glazing is made using durable materials. Our double glazing will help retain the heat within your home, and the cold air outside where it should be.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke double glazing products for your Brixham home or elsewhere, we can help you get the best product for your property. Domestic properties can benefit from an attractive double glazing installation that makes a statement. We also accommodate commercial projects, creating bespoke products that deliver on quality.
Our premium quality glass is fitted as standard on our windows, doors, orangeries and conservatories. Therefore, wherever double glazing you choose to install, you can rely on us to deliver a high-performance product.

We are experts in the home improvement industry, with our parent company specialising in high-quality timber products. However, here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial, we are experts and installing quality aluminium and uPVC double glazing products.

Enjoy bespoke, yet stylish double glazing. Whether you are installing one aluminium window or a stunning conservatory, your home will be flooded with light and warmth. We pride ourselves on delivering professional and efficient installations, working closely with our customers. We will deliver a bespoke glazing product with unrivalled design and performance.

Key Features

High Security

We know security is a priority to our customers, that is why our high performing double glazing is incredibly durable. We ensure that your new installation will stand the test of time, no matter how bad the weather conditions get. These robust designs feature trustworthy multi-point locking systems for enhanced home security. All our locking systems have been tested to ensure they meet the latest security standards. Whether you choose windows, doors or conservatories, our products will deliver on security standards.

Energy Efficient

Keep your property at a comfortable temperature all year round with our quality double glazing. Our suppliers craft the highest standard of products to help keep your energy bills low. These savings are a result of a pocket between the glass frames, which traps in air and keeps warm air circulating around the property. Not only does it keep the cold outside of the building, but it also lets light flood in. Because you will rely less on your central heating to bright up your home and keep it warm, you could save on your electricity and heating bills.

Bespoke Designs

All our home improvement products are made to measure so you can get a design that truly suits your Brixham home. Our customisable options ensure you get an installation that is a truly unique addition to any space. We have experience working on both domestic and commercial projects. From traditional properties to heritage homes and modern properties, we are happy to work with you. You have control over the small details. From colours to finishes and door handles, the choice is yours!

Minimal Maintenance

Our double glazing requires very little maintenance to stay looking fantastic. They are easy to clean and will stay looking fantastic for many years to come. Discolouration, rotting, and warping are virtually non-existent when you choose our range of glazing. Simply wipe down the glass and any moving parts such as the handle and hinges to keep it looking as good as the day we install it. With fantastic longevity, your installation will last, saving you time and money in the long run.

Advance Building Plastics Commercial:
  • Bespoke to Each Customer
  • Outstanding Thermal Performance
  • Durable Weather Seals
  • Highly Secure Double Glazing and Locking Systems
  • Stress Free Installation
  • Durability in All Seasons

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