High-Quality Double Glazing Leominster

Designed for durability and quality, our double glazing adds exceptional value to your home. A beautiful finish to any of your home improvement products, our glass is multi-functional. Security is essential in a home for both your family and possessions. Therefore, our glass is made with high-quality materials for increased durability. The materials will trap heat in your home and keep cold weather out.

Whether you’re after bespoke double glazing products for your home or elsewhere, we can cater to you. Domestic properties can benefit from an attractive fitting that makes a statement. However, if it’s a commercial property you want to improve, we can accommodate you. Bespoke to your specifications, we work with our Leominster customers every step of the way to deliver quality.

Our outstanding quality glass is fitted as standard on our windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries. Therefore, wherever you choose to install, you can rely on us to deliver a high-performance product. We are experts in the home improvement field, with our parent company specialising in timber products. However, here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial, we install quality uPVC and aluminium double glazing products.

For a contemporary, stylish addition to your Leominster home, we can provide bespoke double glazing products. Invite light and warmth into your home, whether it’s an aluminium window or a beautiful conservatory extension. Our service is efficient and professional, with our customers taking reign of the design. We will deliver a bespoke product with unrivalled design and performance.

Key Features

Energy Efficient

Keep your Leominster home warm with our quality double glazing. Our suppliers manufacture the highest standard products to keep your energy bills low. This is done with a pocket between the glass frames, which cleverly traps air and keeps warm air circulating your home. Not only does it keep the cold out, but it also lets light in. Save on your electricity bills as you utilise as much of the natural light as possible with our glass. Our uPVC and Aluminium products use an incredibly durable sealant to stop any draughts from seeping in.

Bespoke Designs

Customise your home in style with a truly bespoke home improvement product. Our customisable double glazing ensures a unique addition to any space. Whether your home is a traditional property, a modern build, we can create a product that suits your style. We’ve worked on a range of domestic and commercial projects so are happy to work to your space. The smaller details are yours to decide. From the door handles to colours, to finishes, our double glazing products are bespoke to you.

High Security

For ultimate protection from intruders, our high performing glass is incredibly durable. We ensure your instalment will stand the test of time throughout the year. Our double glazing is robust in design without compromising on the aesthetic. Additionally, we use multi-point locking systems in all of our products, so you feel incredibly secure in your Leominster property. We test all of our locks to meet security standards, so where it’s a new window or door, you will have the ultimate protection.

Minimal Maintenance

Upkeep is kept to a minimum of our double glazing. Not only are they incredibly easy to clean, but they are made to last for years with their design. Discolouration, warping and rotting are virtually non-existent in our glass. A simple wipe down of the glass and any moveable features such as the handle and hinges will keep it looking like new. With exceptional longevity, your installation will last, saving you time and money in the long run. Leominster locals will be making a worthwhile investment in our double glazing products.

Advance Building Plastics Commercial:
  • Bespoke to Each Customer
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Highly Secure Double Glazing and Locking System
  • Efficient Installation
  • Excellent Weather Seals
  • Durability in All Seasons

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