High-Quality Double Glazing Pontrilas

With incredible performance, our double glazing provides excellent durability for your home. Beautifully designed for a classy looking exterior, we use the highest quality glass. We specialise in uPVC and aluminium products in Pontrilas for high-performance values. Our double glazing inserts effortlessly in our uPVC and aluminium products, in a variety of design options.

Our range of glazing products can be designed for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking for a modern, durable set of doors for your home, or want contemporary double glazing windows for your business, we have got you covered. Our profiles are incredibly versatile; we customise every product to your liking and specifications. Additionally, we offer bespoke extensions from conservatories to orangeries to open up your space in style.

Our professional service includes design, manufacture and installation to the highest standard. We have years of experience within the industry so you can trust that we will deliver excellence. We strive to accommodate every budget and work to make your dream product a reality. Each step of the process is meticulously planned with yourself, to deliver you the perfect product.

We take the hassle out of the instalment process, working closely with our Pontrilas customers. We use some of the finest double glazing from suppliers that are market leaders in the industry. You won’t be disappointed with the elegant range of doors, windows and conservatories we offer. Aside from new projects, we can transform your current space with conservatory roofs as a replacement for your current one. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for your space.

Key Features

Thermal Efficiency

It’s crucial your Pontrilas home is cosy and maintain as much warmth inside as possible. Our double glazing products create a pocket of air in between the glass to not only keep heat circling your home, but also keep the cold out. Unwanted drafts are efficiently kept at bay, while the sun will brighten your home through the profiles. Economical in design without compromising on aesthetics makes our glazing ideal as a new addition to your home. Not only this, but our conservatories and larger instalments are manufactured using high-quality double glazing to withstand all the elements, for use all year round!


Whatever your property type, we can ensure our beautiful glass will suit your aesthetic. This is because we offer every product bespoke for a personalised instalment. From period houses to contemporary properties, to traditional-style builds, you can customise your product to suit. Our colours and finishes mean you can make a statement in your home, or go for a subtle finish. As well as this, you choose the smaller details with your double glazing product. The door handles and frame can be selected to your preference. Our vast range of colour finishes means you can create your ideal design.

Strength and Security

For optimum protection for your possessions, our glass is incredibly sturdy. It’s fundamental to protect your family from potential intruders. With a strong aluminium/uPVC core as standard on all our double-glazed windows, you will be secure. Additionally, we use top range multi-locking systems in the frame and handles of our windows and doors. As standard, we ensure the locks on your double glazing product are thoroughly tested to meet security requirements so you can be safe in your Pontrilas home.

Low Maintenance

For minimum effort when it comes to maintaining your new product, our stunning double glazing is perfect. Look after your product with ease as a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will keep it looking good as new. Additionally, to our double glazing, our products are made with longevity in mind. Our aluminium and uPVC designs require little upkeep so that you will be satisfied with the durability. For your conservatory, just clean the windows, hinges and moveable hardware features every so often. We guarantee our products don’t fade or warp, so our Pontrilas customers are satisfied with the durability of their purchase.

Advance Building Plastics Commercial:
  • Efficient Double Glazing Installation
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Bespoke to Each Customer
  • Weather Seals as Standard
  • Highly Secure Locking System
  • Durability
  • Professional Service

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Double Glazing Prices Pontrilas

Here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial, every double glazing product is made to measure. Therefore, whatever your budget, we strive to deliver quality every time. Whether it’s commercial properties, or for an attractive addition to your home, we will cater to you.

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