High-Performance Tiled Conservatory Roofs

We install durable tiled conservatory roofs in Hereford and around the UK. Tiled roofs for your conservatory are a must-have for your home if the room is constantly at the incorrect temperature. This roof style expertly regulates the weather to prevent the space from becoming too hot or too cold. Invest in a product top improve your home with our tiled conservatory roofs.

Tiled conservatory roofs are a worthwhile investment that offers a range of practical benefits. They are the strongest yet lightest system on the market, meaning they are easy to install. With structural integrity to rival other conservatory roofs, our products will greatly improve your home. With self-cleaning glass as part of the roof, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

As a replacement or as a brand new conservatory roof, our options will be perfect for your project. You can customise every last detail of the roof to suit your property. You can choose between our grey or brown tile options and choose a cornice type. The designs are completely tailored to your home, fitted to your existing conservatory or as part of a brand new installation.

Improve any property in Hereford or elsewhere in the UK with our roofs. Choose outstanding performance with a superb roof. You can get a tiled conservatory roof quote today using our free online quoting tool. Just input your design options and specifications, and we’ll get back to you with a price. The quoting engine is completely free to use!

Key Features


Each roof is watertight to ensure years of usage, while it works to keep draughts at bay. The breathable waterproof membrane will let the roof breathe while preventing the potential for water ingress. The fully insulated ridge and hips work to prevent condensation resulting in a super insulating roofing system. Our tiled roofs are also fire tested to some of the highest standards in the industry to keep your family safe and secure. Make the most of your living space during every season with an incredible tiled conservatory roof.

Thermally Efficient

The unrivalled thermal performance of each roof makes this product a must-have. There is no cold bridging thanks to the innovative design. The roof is capable of achieving incredibly low U-values of just 0.17. This can also be reduced to a superb 0.13! Each room comes with a structural beam that is fully insulated for your comfort. Enjoy reducing energy bills by utilising your existing heating. AS a result, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint over time. Choose our tiled conservatory roofs for a superb insulating addition to your property.

Glazing Options

Each roof we install can be fitted with a selection of glazing options. This will allow natural light to stream into your home, brightening your living space. A tiled roof doesn’t mean full coverage, as you can choose to integrate full height glazing. The glass reduces solar glare and controls the amount of sun that gets in. The glazing also works as an energy efficient solution, which traps a pocket of warm air in between the panes. This will then keep the conservatory at the optimum temperature all year round.


We understand each customer has their own aesthetic. That’s why we have a multitude of customisation options for your to decide from. You can choose the tiled colour from carbon grey, harvest brown or terra brick. You are also free to choose the colour of the fascia boards. These come in White, Black, Rosewood and Oak. These can perfectly match your existing windows and doors. The roofs are entirely made to measure, to suit your home perfectly. They are capable of holding up large spans of bi-fold doors, meaning you can enjoy a modern home improvement.

  • Comes in a choice of colours and finishes for a truly bespoke design
  • Weatherproof and soundproof for a relaxing atmosphere inside
  • Insulated and thermally efficient so that you can stay warm
  • Able to use all year round
  • Opt for either glass, tiled or solid conservatory roofs
  • Eye-catching and beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing
  • Choose from either an Ultraframe or Eurocell system
  • Adaptable and versatile, can fit almost all conservatory styles

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If you are intrigued by our conservatory roofs as a replacement or part of a completely new build, why not opt for one of our stunning choices? We can provide you with a bespoke quote that is tailored to your design specifications. Use our online quoting engine today!

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