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If your Pontrilas conservatory is losing heat, then installing tiled conservatory roofs could be the solution. Available as a separate addition with ABPC, the durable and advanced tiles can make your conservatory warmer, more comfortable and could even save you money too.

You may want to expand your home’s space with a new conservatory, or your current one may not perform well enough. Either way, a tiled roof can make a massive difference. These air and water-tight builds can make your conservatory safer as well, with weatherproof tiles as standard.

With ABPC, you can not only enhance your home’s performance but make the right investment. We’re a trusted supplier throughout Pontrilas and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Ultraframe and Eurocell to offer market-leading tiled roofs for your home.

Working with us, you can take the risk out of your investment and have peace of mind in our services. We also install our conservatory roofs, working around you to cause as little disruption as possible. With ABPC, you can get a conservatory roof that improves your space and puts money in your pocket.

Key Features


With a tiled conservatory roof, you can also vastly enhance the privacy of your Pontrilas home. You can benefit from improved sound insulation that makes your space a peaceful and quiet place for relaxation.

Tiled conservatory roofs are a secure option for your Pontrilas home. These tiles are durable and long-lasting while also being lightweight. That means your tiled roof won’t cause your existing conservatory to buckle under the weight.

As well as this, tiles offer more flexibility than a solid roof, and you can select from multiple styles to make your roof suit your home. That way, you can tie your conservatory to your home with a natural roofing option that can enrich your living space.


Investing in tiled conservatory roofs with ABPC is guaranteed to save money for your Pontrilas home. That’s because we work with the best roofing manufacturers in the UK to ensure you can get a warmer home that keeps more cash in your pocket.

As well as that, your roof will continue to perform for decades. That’s because our tiles are of the highest possible quality, thanks to Ultraframe and Eurocell. That way, you’ll not only save money straight away with a new roof, but you’ll create savings for years to come.

Also, when you decide to move on from your home, you’ll find that a tiled conservatory roof can increase your home’s value to buyers. As well as that, these roofs can make your home more open and comfortable enough that you may feel like you’ve moved already.

Energy Efficient

Our tiles are incredibly energy efficient and meet modern performance standards. Their insulation can reduce energy usage across your home. As well as that, our tiled roofs are fully weatherproof and won’t wear down under bad weather.

You could also transform your conservatory into a bright living space with a tiled roof, thanks to the more comfortable temperatures. In addition to this, the light in the room can lead to you reducing your electricity usage during the day, creating more savings for your home.

Tiles also provide more control over light, as well as better insulation than a glass conservatory roof. While our double glazing is innovative and extremely useful, a tiled roof is much better for creating a space with lower, more relaxed lighting.


Tiled roofs can put you back in control of your Pontrilas conservatory. The main benefit of installing this roofing option is that you’ll have a much more stable temperature throughout the year. That way, you can turn your conservatory from a forgotten space into the focal point of your home.

That’s because our tiled roofs create an insulated barrier for your conservatory. You’ll find far less warmth escaping your home, and draughts won’t be able to enter it either. A tiled roof’s insulation can have amazing knock-on benefits across your living space. You’ll make it warmer and save money on heating your home.

You can also take control of how you light your home with a tiled roof. These roofs provide a cover from the sunlight, reducing glare as well as excessive heat. You can choose clearer tiles or to install a skylight in your new roof, so you can decide just how bright you want your conservatory to be.

  • Weatherproof from unpredictable weather
  • Choice of colours and finishes
  • Insulated and energy efficient
  • Able to use all year round
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Adaptable and versatile, can fit almost all conservatory styles
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Option for glass inserts

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Tiled conservatory roofs can make a genuine difference to your Pontrilas home. To make the right investment, talk to ABPC today.

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