Bespoke Timber Casement Windows from Advance Joinery

Add value to your home in Cheltenham with our sleek timber casement windows. The traditional style is perfect for both heritage and contemporary style homes, adding a unique finish. Using some of the finest quality timber, we are able to manufacture a home improvement that will offer a wealth of practical benefits.

Our expert manufacturing techniques result in a timber product that will last for years. Each window is incredibly thermally efficient, making your home more comfortable. Additionally, the locking systems in the windows will work to prevent unwanted intruders. The low maintenance, weatherproof design means you are making a worthwhile investment in our windows.

For homeowners in Cheltenham, the timber windows can be customised down to the smallest detail. You can choose the size and style, as well as the colours. We also have a choice of hardware accessories for you to decide. We have oil and painted finished available for an authentic look. You can tailor your windows to suit any style of property!

Get in touchwith our team to request your timber casement window quote. You can talk us through your ideas and we will help you to decide on your dream product. Fill out our contact form today and one of our friendly team will get back to you on your next home improvement. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01981 241071and we’ll talk you through our services!

Key Features


Each timber casement window comes fitted with highly secure locking. The multi-point secure locks work to prevent unwanted intruders. By working with some of the industry’s leading suppliers, we are happy to offer the security you can rely on for years. Each lock is tested continuously to ensure it’s robust and won’t succumb to forced entry. Rest assured, your family, home and possessions will stay safe in Cheltenham with our timber casement windows.


Timber casement windows are made with longevity in mind. The structural integrity is second to none, with the ability to withstand strong winds and rain. The framework and body won’t warp, crack, rot or distort, meaning you won’t have to worry about weather damage. Older timber frames require a lot of upkeep to maintain the durability. However, using sustainably sourced Chestnut, Maple and Oak, our timber casement windows will perform to a superior standard for years.

Thermal Efficiency

Enjoy a comfortable temperature inside your home with our casement windows. The heat retention comes from the multi-chambered profile, which keeps out draughts and rain. This means your home will remain at the optimum temperature. As well as this, the double glazing we install as standard traps a pocket of warm air. This works to prevent heat loss and provide a comfortable living space. Benefit from lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint with our windows.


You are welcome to design every last detail of the window to suit your Cheltenham home. We have two styles – stormproof and protruding mullion. The former sits proud out of the frame. This works to prevent the strong, unpredictable British weather. The protruding mullion offers a truly traditional appearance, which protrudes once the window is opened. You can choose the colour and finishes, as well as the hardware accessories for your timber casement window.

Timber Casement Windows Joinery Services
  • Custom built to order, every time
  • Planning services available on request
  • Sustainable woods used only, including Chestnut, Maple & Oak
  • Full customisation options for you
  • Technical drawings available
  • Oil and painted finishes for every home
  • Traditional construction methods used
  • Full fitting available as standard with every window

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Upgrade your home in Cheltenham by choosing one of our stunning timber casement windows. You can tailor the window to suit your style, choosing from our colours, finishes and hardware options. The choice is yours!

Each window is custom built to order. You are welcome to request a quote today by getting in touch with our team. Just fill out our contact form with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

You are welcome to give our team a call on 01981 241071 to discuss your next home improvement. We will talk you through or products in closer detail. We look forward to working with you!

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