Bespoke Timber Doors from Advance Joinery

When looking to add a touch of class to your Hereford home, timber doors are a fantastic option. Timber home improvements are perfect for modern and traditional homes alike, thanks to our range of woodgrains and the possibility of customised colour finishes. Wherever they are installed, they are sure to make a statement, thanks to unrivalled aesthetics when compared to the alternatives.

Here at Advance Joinery, we offer a broad array of timber doors with something for every homeowner. This includes our timber front doors, which come with a plethora of customisation possibilities. We also install stable doors, French doors and bi-folding doors made from timber for use at the back of your home. We can finally craft stunning internal doors for use between rooms.

Despite their appearance timber doors are still a modern home improvement product that can stand among the best in the uPVC and aluminium market. They are fitted with modern integral hardware, including insulating measures and innovative locking systems. Our timber bi-folds will operate on a durable in-line slider, with rollers ensuring a long lasting, effortless operation.

Our timber doors are available to both homeowner and commercial projects. This means they are available for larger projects if desired. They are a superb option if you live in an older property, or even a period home or listed building. You can replace old, outdated timber doors with our stunning new models, updating your home without compromising visually.

Key Features

Custom Builds

All our timber doors are made bespoke here at Advance Joinery. This means every product is crafted to order, rather than made ahead of time and tweaked. With this, all our timber doors are tailored to the homeowner, allowing you to have full control of the customisation options. We have an array of sustainable, high quality woodgrains available and all our timber profiles can be coloured to suit your tastes. You’ll be left with timber doors you are proud to show off to family and friends.

Thermal Efficiency

Despite offering more traditional aesthetics as standard, our timber doors are actually incredibly modern. With this, they provide all the modern benefits, including superb thermal efficiency. This means that during winter, these external doors will retain your Hereford home’s natural heat, thus allowing it to feel warmer without the need for excessive heating bills. This makes them a superb replacement option for older timber doors that may not achieve such excellent energy efficiency anymore.

Low Maintenance

Our timber doors require very little maintenance after the installation has been completed, something which is a stark difference to older timber profiles of yesteryear. However, consistent upkeep is still required to ensure a long lasting, high performance. A regular clean of the moving components is all that is normally required to ensure this. The colour finish that is chosen for the timber door will need some attention, but the finishing treatment will last for much longer than it would with an older timber product.

High Security

All our timber doors are fitted with robust locking systems as standard. These locks are discretely styled and concealed, to ensure that the aesthetics of the door is not compromised. However, you can still rest assured that your home in Hereford is protected from the outside world, whether you’ve opted for a traditional front door or a wide-spanning bi-fold out the back. The durable, weatherproof materials are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring the door will remain robust and secure for years to come.

Timber Doors Joinery Services
  • All doors crafted from the finest timber
  • All timber is fully sustainable, with options including chestnut, maple, oak
  • Bespoke to order, every time
  • Oil or painted finishes available
  • Planning service available on request
  • Drawings available of new produce if desired
  • Constructed exclusively by highly-skilled joiners
  • Full fitting service of product by in-house team

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