Bespoke Timber Windows from Advance Joinery

We’re striving to maintain the traditional style-houses in a modern way in Herefordshire. Our timber windows are made to measure any property, in a range of styles for you to choose. Our windows use the highest quality materials made in our local factory, using double glazing as standard with all of our products.

For increased warmth and light throughout your home, the high-performance glass is ideal on Pontrilas. For thermal efficiency, our beautiful timber windows have a strong sealant lining the frame. This ensures your home stays a comfortable temperature and you don’t lose heat. Ideal for customers looking to replace their current windows, our designs will modernise your home without compromising on the traditionalism.

Here at Advance joinery, we specialise in the manufacturing and installation of timber products. We work with locals to deliver the highest quality timber windows, from conception to installation. We are proud of the exceptional service that we provide, along with incredibly stylish home improvement products. We have been trading for 25 years, so we are experts in the field. We have got our design and installation process down to a fine art, using expert craftsmanship.

With our main factory located right in the heart of Pontrilas, we make everything locally using high-quality materials. Our turnaround time is incredibly quick so that you can enjoy your timber windows within a short period. We use traditional construction methods for an authentic feel to the process. Our entire process is customised to your very own preference, so get in touch today to get a free quote!

Key Features

Range of Styles

For functionality ranging from domestic properties to Pontrilas buildings, we offer our timber windows in a variety of styles. Our popular casement windows come in various colours and different panel options. From traditional cottage flush to maintain the old-style of your property, to contemporary flush to add a modern twist on your home. Additionally, we offer sash windows if this is your preferred option. We have the option for your feature to form bay windows, opening up your space with ample daylight.

High Security

Here at Advance Joinery, we understand the importance of keeping your family and possessions safe. Don’t compromise on security with our timber windows as our robust frames provide protection. The multi-locking system that comes as standard with all our windows has been thoroughly tested to meet high standards of lock security. The locks are incredibly durable against potential intruders, with the best systems on the market in use in our timber windows. Providing beautiful aesthetics along with high durability, you won’t be disappointed.

Thermal Efficiency

Traditional timber windows aren’t known for their thermal efficiency; however, we are here to challenge that. The hardware of our windows is designed to keep any unwanted draughts out and keep heat inside. Relax in a comfortable house in the knowledge that you aren’t spending a fortune on energy bills. The exceptional double-glazing works by trapping a pocket of air in between the frames that would otherwise escape. The insulation is top range, letting in ample sunlight in warmer months and keeping out the rain and chill in the colder seasons.

Low Maintenance

For those with older timber windows looking for an upgrade, we understand the upkeep is exceptionally time-consuming. However, our installations require much less effort to maintain. To keep our high-quality wooden windows in good nick, regularly clean the handles, locks and hinges. This will ensure excellent longevity to your windows. A beautiful addition to any home, you will be proud to look after your bespoke timber windows. We guarantee the highest quality for our Pontrilas customers to make a statement in your home.

Advance Joinery Services
  • Custom Built to Order, Every Time
  • Full Customisation Options for You
  • Planning Services Available on Request
  • Technical Drawings Available
  • Oil and Painted Finishes
  • Sustainable Wood including Chestnut, Maple & Oak
  • Traditional Construction Methods Used
  • Expert Fitting Available

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Our bespoke timber windows are a beautiful feature on any property. Everything is chosen by you and designed by our expert team. We offer a professional installation service, with the satisfaction of our customers paramount in our work.

For more information on our work, get in touch. Get a quote on your ideal timber window design by using our contact page.

Alternatively, speak to one of our team directly on 01981 241071. We are happy to answer any queries you have and provide you with beautiful timber windows adding value to your home!

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