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Investing in new timber windows is a fantastic way of renovating an older property here in Hereford. Here at Advance Joinery, we manufacture bespoke timber frames which are installed across the UK, as well as supplied to commercial projects. We craft each window to order, promising a tailored build to suit each homeowner’s exact tastes.

Every window we manufacture comes with high performance double glazing as standard. This allows natural light to flow through into the home, while also preventing the escape of natural warmth. With this, the energy efficiency of your home can drastically improve, especially if you’re replacing outdated timber frames with our bespoke timber windows.

This product was designed for those living in an older house. They allow homeowners to renovate their property, bringing its performance levels into the 21st century without compromising aesthetically. In fact, our timber windows could actually enhance the visual appeal of your property, with a range of customisation options at your fingertips.

By crafting the frames ourselves at our joinery workshop, our timber windows are available to both homeowners and commercial builds in Hereford. If you’re a business running a larger housing project interested in installing these windows in your coverage area, then you can reach out to us today. We are more than happy to provide more details about how you can work with Advance Joinery.

Key Features

Range of Styles

Our timber windows are available in a wide variety of different styles, allowing them to work for an array of different functions. Our most popular timber style is the traditional casement, which is available with a range of panel options and customisation, for optimal versatility. They can even be formed into wide-spanning bay windows, perfect for front-facing rooms in your home.

Low Maintenance

If your Hereford property is fitted with old timber frames, then chances are they require a frustrating amount of upkeep. Our modern timber windows need consistent upkeep to look their best, but remain a stark difference compared to older timber frames. Regularly cleaning the moving components, such as handles, locks and hinges, ensures smooth ease of operation for years to come.

High Security

Our timber windows are fitted with some of the most robust locking systems available on the market today. With this, they are designed to protect your home, remaining strong even under extreme pressure. These locks are also impressively durable, having been made using the finest materials on the market today. This promises a long lasting performance without rotting or warping in extreme weather.

Thermal Efficiency

Although designed to resemble the timber frames of old, our timber windows are fitted with integral hardware that improves the thermal efficiency of the window. The framework has been designed to aid the overall insulation of the entire window, while double glazing will work to keep a pocket of air between you and the cold outside, keeping your home in Hereford and in the UK warm through the year.

Timber Windows Joinery Services
  • Custom built to order, every time
  • Full customisation options for you
  • Planning services available on request
  • Technical drawings available
  • Oil and painted finishes for every home
  • Sustainable woods used only, including Chestnut, Maple & Oak
  • Traditional construction methods used
  • Full fitting available as standard with every window

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