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Aluminium windows are among the most modern in glazing options on the market for customers in Hereford and across the UK. We install these windows in homes across Hereford and throughout the UK, as well as supply them to commercial projects up and down the country. They are incredibly popular home improvement, with aluminium fast becoming as popular as uPVC or timber here in the United Kingdom.

Aluminium is famed for its superb inherent rigidity and unrivalled natural lifespan. This means that it is stronger than other regularly-used materials but will also last for longer before showing natural signs of wear and tear. With this, you’re investing in a product that will not only perform to an industry leading standard but one that can withstand the test of time.

Our aluminium windows deliver a unique visual appeal. The design allows them to operate fantastically as a steel window replacement option. With this, those who have outdated steel frames fitted in their home can benefit from all the modern benefits of brand new double glazing, without compromising on aesthetics. This is what makes aluminium frames such an impressive renovation option for Hereford customers.

We only work with the best fabricators for all our home improvement products. With this, it was natural for us to choose Smart for our aluminium windows. They are renowned for the production of market-leading aluminium frames, which are thermally efficient and impressively secure. We use their Alitherm 300 and Heritage 47 profiles for our aluminium windows.

Key Features

Thermal Performance

Our aluminium windows deliver exceptional energy efficiency, all year round. During winter, integral insulation systems work to ensure that as little of your home’s natural heat can escape as possible. The framework will work in tandem with high performance double or triple glazing to ensure that your home feels warm and cosy. During summer, opening these windows will allow air to filter through your Hereford home, improving the overall ventilation and ensuring it doesn’t become stuffy.

Full Customisation

Here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial, our home improvement products are made bespoke to order. With this, our aluminium windows come with a multitude of customisation options that you’ll be able to choose from. Each window we create can be entirely unique. In addition to choosing from casement, fixed frame or tilt and turn styles, you can also select the glazing, colour and accessories. With this, you’ll be able to create the perfect window for you, whatever style of home you live in.

Total Weatherproofing

Our modern aluminium windows come with innovative, market leading weatherseals to ensure that your Hereford home is fully protected against the elements. Older steel windows may not deliver the same standard of weatherproofing, instead allowing water to pass through into your home during extreme rainfall. This can lead to expensive problems, such as damp spots and rotting. Fitting new aluminium windows to your home is the perfect way to prevent either of these happening.

Low Maintenance

Despite providing the modern homeowner with a vast array of benefits, aluminium windows require very little maintenance after the installation has been completed. The coloured top-coat will never fade, meaning you’ll never need to varnish or refinish it for it to look at good as new. All you’ll need to do to keep these windows looking and performing their best is to keep the moving components free of excess dust. A light clean to the hinges and handles is all that is required your end.

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  • Slimline aluminium framework
  • Polyamide thermal break
  • Dual colour option
  • Thermally broken frame
  • 59mm average sightline width
  • U-values of around 1.5W/m2K, water resistance to Class 9A, 600Pa, wind resistance to Class AE
  • Kitemark certified

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