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Here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial, we have the finest range of casement windows in all of Hereford. Available to both homeowners and commercial builds, we produce these stunning windows using Profile 22 components. They are renowned for being the best uPVC frames on the market, blending stunning aesthetics with a multitude of practical benefits.

The term ‘casement windows’ covers a broader amount of window styles than any other. With this, casement windows are available in more configurations than any other. This is partly why they are the most popular style of uPVC frame here in the UK. You’ll be able to choose from all these styles, as well as a range of customisation options. This will allow you to create a truly bespoke window.

We choose to use uPVC for the profile of our casement windows. uPVC is superb material to use, as it boasts an exceptional natural lifespan and is fully weatherproof. With this, you can invest in windows from Advance Building Plastics Commercial, knowing they are designed to last a generation. Each window comes fitted with high performance double glazing as standard too, with the option of a triple glazing upgrade.

We manufacture all our home improvement products on site in Hereford. Our casement windows, made from uPVC, are available for commercial projects like new builds, schools and businesses as well as to homeowners thanks to our supply service. If you’re interested in working with us to install this product, then get in touch today to speak to one of our friendly team.

Key Features


Casement windows are famed for their versatility. We have a broad array of different configuration options available here at Advance Building Plastics Commercial. In fact, when using our online quoting engine, you’ll be able to choose from over 80 different style options. This ranges from single, fixed frame designs to those with up to eight panels. Our casement windows can even be designed to protrude from the front of your home, thus forming a bow or bay window frame. There’s something for everyone.

Thermal Efficiency

Our casement windows are designed with an exceptional thermal performance in mind. Each window frame is fitted with internal chambers. These individually aid the standard of insulation that the profile delivers, thus allowing them to retain more of your house’s natural heat. Working in tandem with thermal inserts and the modern glazing, the chambered frame will allow your Hereford home to sit at the optimal temperature, all year round. You may even save money on your energy bills in the long run.

Home Security

Our casement frames are fitted with market leading SAC multipoint locking systems as standard every time. This means that the window is fully protected in several places around the perimeter of the profile. With this, the frame will have as few weak spots as possible, preventing break-ins and helping improve the durability of the window overall to help it last longer. This should provide you with complete peace of mind that you and your family are safe in your property at all times.

Low Maintenance

Despite boasting such a broad range of practical benefits, our casement windows are impressively low maintenance. This means they require very little upkeep to look their best. The top-coat colour you choose will never need to be varnished or refinished, thanks to fade-proof technology. All you’ll need to do is keep the moving parts of the window free of excess dust. This includes the hinges, handles any visible locking systems. Simply dust with a cloth to enjoy a seamless performance.

  • 70mm framing system
  • Chamfered or sculpted design
  • Low U-values and high energy ratings
  • SAC multipoint locks
  • Five chamber frame
  • Six chamber outer frame
  • Optional RCM thermal inserts
  • 10mm weather seals
  • 44m triple glazing upgrade

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