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Flush casement windows are among the most stunning home improvement products available to you in Hereford and all of England. These windows are seen as an enhancement on the traditional casement window frame. This is because they offer the same range of practical benefits, while also delivering enhanced aesthetics thanks to their unique design.

Rather than your typical chamfered or sculptured frame, the sash of these windows instead sits flat with the outer frame. This means that they are fully level across the profile, rather than protruding. This allows them to deliver similar visuals to that of an old timber frame from the 19th century. As a result, these are superb windows for those looking to renovate an older property.

However, the framework for these flush casement windows is made from uPVC. A modern material, it delivers a much better performance than the old wooden profiles you may currently have installed. Fitted with double glazing as standard but with the option of a 44m triple glazing upgrade, these modern window frames are energy efficient, secure and long lasting.

We use Profile 22 frames for our flush casement windows. They are renowned for producing the finest uPVC window systems on the market today, leading the industry in design and performance. Whether you’re a homeowner running a commercial project, you have total peace of mind that these windows will are of the very highest quality, promising a consistent performance for years to come.

Key Features

Unrivalled Thermal Efficiency

If you install our flush casement windows are a direct replacement for old timber frames, you’ll notice a significant spike in thermal efficiency. Whether you choose double or triple glazing, these windows are able to achieve impressively low U-values, which help contribute to their impressive WER. Your Hereford home will feel much warmer during the cold winter months, as less heat will be able to escape through your glazing. This could potentially also lead to cheaper energy bills as a result!

Colour Customisation

Our flush casement windows are available in with a broad array of different top-coat options. With this, they can be designed to suit any style of home, rather than just traditional properties. Choose a sleek, dark finish and these frames can complement a new build or opt for a stunning woodgrain if you’re looking for a stylish finish. Choosing the latter will allow you to renovate an older home without compromising on visual appeal, with our woodgrains now more authentic than ever before.

Low Maintenance Design

By using uPVC for the profile, our flush casement windows require very little maintenance after the installation has been completed. If you have old wooden windows installed currently, they probably need plenty of upkeep to look and perform their best. However, that problem is outdated as the windows themselves. Our new uPVC frames will only need a light clean, with slightly more attention on moving components. Nothing else is required from you once the fitting is complete.


A final drawback with old window frames is substandard weatherproofing. Outdated profiles can lose its ability to resist water over time, leading to a rotting of the frame and damp spots around it. Our new uPVC flush casement windows are designed to prevent this, with market leading weatherseals fitted as standard. They resist harsh rain, snow and wind to ensure that you’re totally separated from the elements. You’ll never have to worry about water damage to your Hereford property or possessions.

  • 70mm uPVC frame
  • Double glazing as standard
  • Triple glazing upgrade option
  • 10mm cover on weather seals
  • Five chambered sash
  • Six chamber outer frame
  • U-value’s as low as 0.8W/m2K
  • Window Energy Rating up to A++

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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