Outstanding French Casement Windows

Add a touch of European charm to any home across the Gloucester area with a set of bespoke French casement windows. These visually appealing double glazed windows are defined by their lack of central columns, reminiscent of French doors. This allows more natural light to flood into your building, while also providing panoramic views of your garden and your surrounding area.

As a result, French casement windows are an outstanding investment when fitted to a kitchen or garden-facing room. They will allow your property to feel brighter, helping it feel warmer, more welcoming and even give it the illusion of more space. This makes them a fantastic option if you’re looking to significantly improve the feel of your home without breaking the bank.

As a variation on the traditional casement window, these French profiles deliver many of the same benefits with a continental flair. Your home will benefit from superior levels of energy efficiency, weatherproofing and safety. These windows are easy to maintain, so they stay looking and performing better for longer.

Crafted using reliable Profile 22 components, these French casement windows come with advanced hardware as standard. This includes their durable double or triple glazing, as well as insulating enhancements for an improved performance. With this, these uPVC windows are incredibly popular for both homeowners and commercial projects up and down the UK.

Key Features

Thermal Performance

Our French casement windows offer an outstanding standard of energy efficiency. They can keep your Gloucester home cool during summer and warm in the winter months. By removing the central column, natural air can flow through your building and keep it well ventilated. The chambered profile works alongside your double and triple glazing to trap warmth inside the building. Enjoy a comfortable home all year round.

Home Security

All our French casement windows come with SAC-grade locking systems as standard. These multipoint locks protect the whole perimeter of the window profile, thus ensuring there are as minimal potential weak spots as possible. This makes the window harder to break into if the worst should incur, intruders will have to do more than break one lock to gain access into your home. This should give you complete peace of mind that you, your family and your belongings are safe.

Customisation Options

As with our entire range of uPVC windows, our French casement windows are available with a broad range of customisation options for your Gloucester home. With this, you’ll be able to create truly bespoke uPVC windows, tailoring them to your exact requirements and personal tastes. Choose from a selection of fade-proof colours and foils, including authentic woodgrains for a traditional and stylish finish. You’ll also be able to customise the accessories, handles and hardware, with options for both classic and contemporary homes alike.


Our French casement windows feature 10mm weatherseals to ensure they are totally watertight. This protects your property against even the most adverse elements, ensuring your home stays safe from rotting, damp spots, or any water damage to your possessions. By stopping rain from entering, the integral components of the window will stay protected, ensuring they don’t warp or rust. Your new window installation will be able to perform to a higher standard for longer thanks to the superior level of weatherproofing.

  • 70mm framing system
  • Five internal chambers
  • Six chambered outer frame
  • 10mm cover on weatherseals
  • Multiple foil and colour upgrades
  • SAC multipoint locks
  • Low U-values as standard

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